Awakening Minds, Raw Art & A Mother's Wish

My name is Choo Kah Ying. I am a writer/educator, recovered sufferer of manic-depression, and homeschooler of Jean-Sebastien Choo. Sebastien is moderately autistic with significant delays in language.  Both of these conditions have inspired me to create Awakening Minds. Its aim is to raise awareness on autism and mood disorders through my books, articles, learning materials, talks, workshops, and consultations.

Despite all the progress that Sebastien and I have made during the eight years of our homeschooling life, he is unlikely to achieve independent functioning in mainstream society. Therefore, before I pass on, it is my dream to offer Sebastien and others like him a strong and loving community that will engage them with a well-rounded programme on a daily basis. This is why I have started A Mother’s Wish that has been principally funded by sales of Sebastien’s water colour paintings — Raw Art.


Check out my books, articles, learning materials, talks, workshops and consultations on mental wellness, autism, and special education.


Sebastien, my son with moderate autism, has been donating 30% of the sales of his paintings to “A Mother’s Wish” Fund.

Prices for these affordable paintings vary from $100 to $800, and the sizes from 9"x12" to A1 size.


Social enterprise providing subsidised activities for autistic individuals.

- Blog Musings about A Mother's Wish and raising Sebastien

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