A Mother’s Wish Pte. Ltd. (AMW) is a registered social enterprise with a social mission of forming a community that provides affordable, lifelong activities for individuals with moderate to severe autism.

Why I Started A Mother’s Wish

Kahying and Seb
Choo Kah Ying with Jean-Sebastien Choo, her autistic son

My name is Choo Kah Ying. I am a homeschooling mother of Jean-Sebastien Choo (Sebastien) who is moderately autistic with significant delays in language.

Despite all the progress that Sebastien and I have made during the eight years of our homeschooling life, he is still held back in his development by social and cognitive deficits, including occasional bouts of aggression. He will unlikely achieve independent functioning in the mainstream world.

Nonetheless, Sebastien has still grown up to be a dynamic young man who can engage in independent learning and take care of the household. He is also passionate about life with his love of colours (colouring and painting), inline skating, music, sewing, and travelling.

Before I pass on, it is my dream to offer Sebastien and others like him a strong and loving community that will engage them with a well-rounded programme on a daily basis. We hope to support their families in providing them with a meaningful life of dignity.

This is why I started “A Mother’s Wish” campaign in Jan 2013…

To get a glimpse into Sebastien’s life, please check out the following clips:

Speaking in Colours by Choo Kah Ying (4:40)
From Boy to Man (about 10:00)
Joy Truck, Episode 8 by Media Corps – Channel 8 (about 46:29)

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The mission of A Mother’s Wish Pte Ltd. comprises two interwoven objectives:

Through the aforementioned endeavours, we also seek to provide the impetus for policymakers to provide adequate support and services for individuals with moderate to severe autism and their families in a timely manner.

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Currently, A Mother’s Wish (AMW) is running a mini-version of the AMW community by providing holiday programmes for individuals with autism (particularly those with moderate to severe autism):

Until we have committed stakeholders and funding, AMW’s school holiday programmes play a key role in our endeavour to create a long-term community that will provide affordable quality programmes all-year-round:

The journey towards the ultimate vision of an all-year-round community will not happen overnight. We hope that the people who have participated in AMW holiday programmes will feel inspired and empowered to try to make it a lifelong community!

(To learn more, please click "Our Holiday Programmes".)

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What is the AMW Fund for?

For now, the AMW fund is primarily used to partially subsidise the costs of our holiday programmes conducted during the June and December school holidays). This year, it also covered the administrative costs of hiring an accounting company to set up AMW Pte. Ltd.

In the future, I hope that the fund could also be used to cover the following activities:

How have we raised funds so far?

We have raised funds in the following ways:

How You Can Help with Fundraising

Being a small-scale operation, we have only been able to generate interest in AMW and Sebastien’s paintings through: our appearances in the mass media, talks, and painting exhibitions organised by educational institutions, as well as word-of-mouth.

If you have any ideas on how we can raise funds and awareness, please let us know!

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