Intermediate Learning Series

Handling Money: Living Mathematics!

Learning Objective: Using Handling Money, learners experience the relevance of learning numbers as they get to handle “money” and learn about the relationships between the different denominations.

The individual “money” units thus provide a simulation of the actual experience of handling money in monetary transactions within the safety of the learning context. Fun companion worksheets with visuals provide the ideal transition to conventional learning.

Targeted Age Group: Age 6+; suitable for cultivating the money skills of learners who are sufficiently proficient at counting, as well as adding and subtracting numbers.

* Suggested Contents: Laminated coins and bills (20 of each) and operational signs (+, -, =, x, ÷) with velcro attached, 20 laminated photos as items for purchase; 2 laminated mats with velcro strips; companion worksheets; and an instructional sheet for using Handling Money to optimise usage.

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Customised Literacy Set

Learning Objective: The Customised Literacy Set is a comprehensive literacy tool with multiple components that will push learners to move from a command of basic words to sentence formation.

They will be exposed to various types of scaffolding to help them to understand the parts of language as they work with themes are that are familiar to them (derived from their routines, interests and favourite places). We will work with caregivers to produce the learning materials that will be especially meaningful and relevant to targeted learners.

Targeted Age Group: Age 6+; ideal for children who can decode single words without significant difficulty.

* Suggested Contents:

  • Customised Grammar Set with Companion Worksheets: In order to help learners to learn about the parts of language, a sampling of laminated words (categorised in terms of nouns, pronouns, verbs (present, past, future), prepositions and question words) are created.

    Language is thus broken down into individual word-units to slow down the pace of learning, particularly helpful for special needs learners.

    The visual, tactile and kinesthetic aspect of working with laminated words and putting phrases together on velcro mats will further reinforce and support their learning. An instructional sheet and companion worksheets will also be provided.

  • Customised Interactive Story Mats with Companion Worksheets: This component of the literacy set enables special needs learners to apply their literacy skills in contextualised learning.

    They begin to work on mini-stories that are related to various aspects of their lives. Using laminated photographs and words, special needs learners can create simple sentences on velcro mats. The formation of these sentences can then be used for writing on worksheets.

    An instructional sheet and companion worksheets will also be provided.

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