Ten-Week Autism Training Programme for Parents (November 2005 – January 2006)

“She has done a marvelous job educating parents here on how they can cope with their situation and help their children overcome their difficulties…
Kah Ying has done this through her parent training programme and much more. She has boundless energy, enthusiasm, in-depth knowledge and is a real inspiration to parents as we see first hand how she overcame her own difficulties with her child who is functioning so much better now. Kah Ying has many ideas to share with parents on the subject of autism; she is resourceful in offering practical ideas and solutions for parents who go through this tough lifelong journey of bringing up an autistic child and she is generous with her time and sharing of her knowledge and experience.
(...) much of what she has learnt and has to share is through her own study of the subject, through her interactions with professionals in the US, and through her own experiences with her son, this is exactly what makes her an effective trainer, as she is not hemmed in by any particular school of thought, or theory and is thus able to touch on all areas of autism with a holistic and comprehensive understanding of the subject.
I highly recommend that all parents who are struggling to bring up autistic children attend her training course to learn the basic skills of managing this condition in their children. Her immense love for her own son and her strong resolve to do all she can to help her child is a great inspiration to other parents who struggle with issues of acceptance of their children. Watching her love her son has been a great lesson to me in learning to see my own son’s good points, accepting his limitations and simply loving him for who he is…"

-- Sharmaine Lau, parent

"I attended a ten-week individualized parent-based workshop conducted by Ms Choo from November to December 2005. It is definitely a MUST go training for parents of autistic children especially for those who just discovered their son or daughter is autistic...
…Ms Choo equipped with first-hand experience being a mother of an autistic child and coupled with her several years’ knowledge with the special needs education in U.S. proves not only as an outstanding facilitator but an inspirational role-model to these parents.
Ms Choo designed her workshops in an integrated approach for parents in raising and educating children with special needs, covering practical needs from social, living and academic. She also covers parents’ needs, teaching them how to replenish their energies and staying afloat as raising children with special needs can be particularly challenging.
Instead of being a passive participant, Ms Choo chose a road less traveled. She apparently chose to share her knowledge on autism acquired from her experiences in raising her nine-year-old son with the community. Within a brief six-month comeback to Singapore, Ms Choo has touched many hearts (parents and professionals) with her enthusiasm and never-say-die attitude and most of all, her intent to improve the well-being of our less privileged children. Ms Choo is indeed a rare gem in our self-centered society."

-- Ada Ong, parent

I find the Parent-based Training Programme on Autism conducted by Ms Choo Kah Ying comprehensive. The programme provides a good overview on issues that parents of children with autism need to consider and explore further…

Kah Ying, as a trainer and as a mother of an autistic child, is knowledgable and inspiring. Her enthusiasm, energy and drive to propel autism as an acceptable and deserving state of being is infectious and respectable. Kah Ying’s approach may seem unconventional to some, a kind soul she is nevertheless.

In addition, a healthy spin-off benefit of the training programme is that it provides an opportunity for parents to share their experiences and provide alternative perspectives and look at possibilities on managing and living with autism and life in general.

To me, it has been a fruitful learning journey to embark on, where my life is enriched by the knowledge and friendship gained, as well as, feeling encouraged and empowered by Kah Ying and other parents that the journey on Autism is not a lonely one, and it need not be so.”

-- Ms Lee Yean Hoon, parent

"Kah Ying exemplifies the kind of unrelenting and indomitable spirit that we as parents of autistic children should possess in pursuing the best future for our children. As a parent bringing up her child, coupled with the fact that she is not a devotee to any single type of intervention programe, Kah Ying is able to speak from her personal experience of integrating established approaches and related methods to design case-specific solutions tailored to each individual child's needs."

-- MC, parent